About Viewing Booker

Whether it's a house for sale or a room to let, finding the right person is a very time consuming process. In attractive locations, arranging viewings can be a pain. Sometimes, agreeing on a suitable date and time involves 3-4 rounds of emails. I am talking from my personal experience...

As I travel a lot, I used to spend ages arranging viewings for subletting my apartment. London is one of those places where after placing an advert on Gumtree or Spareroom, I used to get 40-60 emails within the first hour of my ad going online. Each following the same kind of generic, boring fashion - introduction, followed by "when can I view it?" question. Keeping track of who is coming when is another story. I won't even mention "no show-ups".

I thought to myself... there must be a way to make this process easier, smoother... fully automated! a Few days later, a very rough, blurry solution came up in my head. I saw the "whole thing", which was later named as Viewing Booker, pretty much functional. Living steps away from London's "silicon roundabout", years of programming experience and working with the latest technology, helped me to design the system which automates the entire process!

Since October 2013, I've been exploring the globe, while completing Viewing Booker core and website application. I am currently working on the iOS and Android applications which, together with push notifications and other mobile platform capabilities will become a vital part of the entire system. The mobile apps will be released very soon.

I am a big fan of Microsoft technologies. This website is build on Asp.net MVC 5 and hosted in Azure environment. The latest industry standard security features have been implement to make sure your data is safe. Mobile apps are being powered by Xamarin and Azure mobile services. I am extremely thankful to have an opportunity to create a useful business application and at the same time, learning so many new skills and work with latest tools that I would otherwise, never had a chance to apply in my daily job. My biggest dream at the moment is to grow Viewing Booker to a point where it pays my living expenses, so I can commit to it full time, developing a great business app and work with the technology and tools that I love.

After you've used the system, please fill in the After you've used the system, please fill in the feedback form provided. This will help me to improve the system and add new interesting features. Your thoughts and comments are much appreciated.

For the "Techies", more in-depth technical information about the project is available at backpackerdeveloper.com/articles/net/viewing-booker-automated-viewings-management/.

Paul Mieczkowski - LinkedIn, backpackerdeveloper.com, Twitter

Viewing Booker is a special project. It traveled with me for nearly 2 years thru almost every contintent including Australia, Europe, Americas and Asia. Each of those places inspired me even more to make this app a great business tool.