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This is an important document which, along with our Privacy Policy, you must consider and accept before you can start using our service.

This document describes the terms on which Viewing Booker offers its services.

Acceptance of User Agreement

This document is a contract between you and Viewing Booker (viewingbooker.com / viewingbooker.co.uk).

Registering on our website indicates that you accept our Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with any part of this T&Cs document or our Privacy Policy, you must immediately cease to use Viewing Booker website and mobile apps.

T&Cs and Privacy Policy updates

ViewingBooker.com may amend or modify this document and/or the Privacy Policy document in its whole or in part from time to time, without notice (unless such prior notice is required by law), by uploading an amended T&Cs or Privacy Policy onto our website and mobile apps. Such updated version of either of the documents will be effective at the time of the upload.

Terms of use

Viewing Booker offer its services to individuals and Estate Agents. Viewing Booker has the right to remove or suspend your account at any point without a reason. Each user is responsible for all their account's activity. Users must report to us any suspicious activity on their account.

Users and their relationship

In terms of our system architecture, there is a clear division between users. To make this document more understandable, we will herewith call the users "Tenants" or "property admin s". Viewing Booker provides viewings management services between property admin s and Tenants. The property admin sets up a Property, which is then published on our website. Tenants will pick up a viewing slot at a convenient time and book the viewing of the property.

As part of our automation process, we provide a direct messaging feature. This feature is provided via optional messages which can be used as a Property wide setting or part of viewing booking. Any kind of user abuse is therefore prohibited. Viewing Booker does not take any responsibility for user abuse if such event takes place. You are advised to report such activity immediately so we can suspend the account.

User responsibilities and data disclosure

Your personal data (see Privacy Policy) is securely stored on our database server. We have different security measures and tools to minimise the loss of the data while it's in our system. We cannot however, take any responsibility for the data that we pass to either Tenants or property admin s. Your personal data, such as your name, email address and telephone number, can be either blanked or overwritten when booking a viewing slot or creating a Property. There is however some data that we need in order for the system to work properly. For Property management, we need the property's geo location and full address. That data is then passed on to Tenants and we do not take responsibility for this data once it's presented and emailed to the Tenant. We do encourage both parties to keep all personal data safe and remove it after it's no longer needed.

System specfic aspects

While we do our best to automate the viewings management, our viewing reminders work on opt-in/opt-out basis. Users can unsubscribe from all types of communication, includig viewing reminders. Push notifications can also be disabled on mobile devices. Viewing Booker cannot therefore take any responsibility for no-show ups nor any potential system failures that may occur. We work 24/7 to make sure our services are available to you, but there may be however some system failures or down time that occur from time to time. In an unlikely event of data loss as a a result of a system failure, we also do not take any responsibility for such event.

There are different tools in place to minimise system abuse and spam activity. Tenants cannot book more than one viewing for a specific schedule. As a Tenant, you should keep your Viewing Booker account safe and not share it with anyone else.

Archived items are automatically removed after 6 months from the point that they were made either archived (Property), cancelled or used (viewings).

You can only remove your account after you make all your active Properties archived and cancel all your upcoming viewings. All your data, that is viewings (you are attending or attended) and Properties will be then removed from our system. We do not take any responsibility for your data that has been passed to other users as part of the automation process and being kept for instance in their mailbox. This is a system specific feature that can´t be changed.


Currently, there is a free Properties limit. There is a little fee for adding an extra schedule. Your free Property account limit is set on per account basis and may vary - eg. promotions. Extra credits are therefore required to add more schedules than your free account limit lets you. Free account limit is a permanent setting. Properties credits, which you can buy individually or in bulk, are single-use only. This means that once used, Property credit can no longer be used. This is different to free Property limit set on your account, as if you go below the limit again by archiving some of your active schedules, you will then be able to use the limit again.


The content and compilation of content included on this Site, such as text, graphics, logos, icons, images, audio clips, digital downloads and software, are the property of ViewingBooker.com and can´t be copied or reproduced anywhere else without our permission.

This document was last edited on 10th of April, 2018.