Privacy Policy

Viewing Booker is the trading name of Blue And Orange Technology Ltd, registered with the Information Commissioners Office as a data controller, reference: ZA207477.

This document has been created to highlight the aspects of Viewing Booker´s Privacy Policy.

Before you become a Viewing Booker member, you will need to agree to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy policy documents.

Information that we collect

We need to collect your basic personal infomation, in order for the automated viewing management system to function properly.

Personal Infotmation

Depending on what extend you use our system, we will ask you for different personal data. Below are the stages and personal info that each of them requires:

  • Registration
    • account name: required, this is either your name, letting agency name or a nickname
    • email address: required, each ViewingBooker account is linked to an email address. ViewingBooker does not operate usernames for login purposes
    • timezone information: required, each account and all its Properties work in a selected timezone. Timezone is a account wide setting and you currently cannot set the timezone on per calendar basis
    • telephone number: optional, ViewingBooker will not contact you via the phone. You may decide to store your phone number on your account for auto population when setting up a Property or booking a viewing slot
  • Property Setup
    • contact name: required, pre-populated with your account name, which you can overwrite with a custom text
    • property address and its geo location: both required
    • email address and telephone number: optional, pre-populated with the accound data, with an option to overwrite
    • optional message to users: optional
  • Viewing Slot Booking
    • contact name: required, pre-populated with your account name, which you can overwrite with a custom text
    • email address and telephone number: optional, pre-populated with an option to overwrite
    • optional message to the property admin
    • questionaire (if set up by the property admin)
  • Purchasing Additional Property: during checkout we will ask you for your billing information, which will also be stored on your account for quicker checkout in the future (this information can be then amended at any time)
    • personal name/business name: required for invoicing
    • personal/business address: required for invoicing
    • city and postal code: both required for invoicing
    • country selector: required for invoicing

Non-personal information

We will collect different types of non-personal information as you use the website. 3rd party providers such as GoogleAnalytics record non-personal information from your browser and mobile device including your IP address. We will only use this information for strictly analitycal purposes.

How we store your data

We operate on Microsoft technology. Our database engine runs on SQL. Your data is stored on a Microsoft Azure cloud environment. Servers are secured with logins and we carry out full database backup every night. All sensitive information is encoded and without special logic and unique key, it is not possible to read it in plain text. The access to the server is restricted and we operate differet security measures to minimise an unauthorised access or loss of any of your information.

How we use your information

Viewing Booker does not sell or pass your personal data to 3rd party companies. Your account can be removed at any point. After your remove your account, all your personal data, including Properties and viewings will be removed.

  • Property admin / Landlord - when user books a viewing slot for your property, we pass your contact detais to the user. These details are set on per property basis and you can limit them to account name, property address and geo location. Your details are presented within the confirmation pop-up, viewings management panel and emailed to the user (depending on the user's email settings). These details are automatcally shared with the user, unless you opt in for manual booking request approval option. Then only if you accept the booking request, your details will be shared with the user.
  • Tenant (User) - when you book a viewing slot, your personal details are passed to the property admin. These details can be limited only to your account name. You can set the details on per viewing booking basis. We will present your details within calendar management panel and email them to property admin (depending on account's email settings).
  • Legal information - after your data is passed to either property admin or potential tenant (user), ViewingBooker can no longer take responsibility for your data. We do however, strongly encourage both parties to keep the personal details safe and remove them after they are no longer needed. Relevant information is presented whereever your details are visible - including emails.

Accessing and updating your data

Your data can be accessed via account admin panel. Your account name, email address and telephone number can be access at any point. Whether you are property admin, potential tenant, you can overwrite your account details at the point of setting up the viewing calendar or booking a viewing slot.

Cookie information

Cookies are pieces of data assigned by a web server that uniquely identify the browser on your PC. ViewingBooker uses cookies called "persistent", to enable the site to remember you on subsequent visits, speeding up or enhancing your experience of services or functions offered. Cookies also enable our systems to gather information about your navigational patterns through the site. You have the option to disable cookies at any time through your browsers. We may also store your website activity in cookies which may be used by third party vendors, including Google. The third party vendors (e.g. Google Analytics) may receive and record non-personal information from cookies, server logs, and similar technology from your browser or mobile device, including your IP address. If you access our Services with your login credentials from Facebook or if you otherwise agree to associate your Viewing Booker account with a social networking account, we may receive personal information about you from such social networking site, in accordance with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the social networking site. For example, Facebook may share with us your friend list, birthday, information about the interests of you or your friends or other personal information, in order to help us establish your account, tailor services to you and find other current or potential site users that you know. We may add this information to the information we have already collected from you via other aspects of the Site. You are also subject to the social networking site's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We use the OAuth (open authorization) protocol to enable us to access this information without collecting your password when you agree allowing another application to access your account information.

This document was last edited on 10th of April, 2018.