Revolutionise your property viewing bookings with Viewing Booker!

Viewing Booker is an online automation software designed to schedule property viewings.

Did you know that over 50% of online enquiries are submitted outside of office hours?

Viewing Booker is available 24/7 and it automates the bookings of property viewings without the risk of overlapping or double-booking.

The simple way to organise the viewings…

Wherether you are selling, letting or subletting, start using Viewing Booker in no time.

Viewing Booker will work with any property advertising website.

Create a schedule...

...and add viewing slots when it's most convinient for you. You can accept only a single booking or organise a group viewing.

Share it... including the link to your schedule or using a special "reply-to" email address in your ad on Zoopla, Craiglist or any other property listing website.

Receive bookings

We'll let you know as soon as someone books an available slot. The instructions and address are directly messaged to your future Tenant / Buyer.

Found a tenant?

...or buyer? Great, archive the schedule and Viewing Booker will automatically cancel all future viewings for your property!

Viewing Booker
will help you with...

  • Organising and automating viewings for your property.
  • Handling communication between you and your potential buyer/tenant.
  • Making sure your potential tentant/buyer turns up for a viewing.
  • Cancelling all other viewings once your property is sold or let out.


Whether you are an individual using Viewing Booker occasionally or an Estate Agent, Viewing Booker can save you a lot of time by automating the most time consuming tasks for you. See what Viewing Booker can do for you...

Property Admin

$1.25 / per extra schedule
  • 1 FREE Viewings Schedule allowance
  • Add viewing slots for when it's most convenient for you
  • Automate your communication with the potential tenant
  • Get notified when someone books an available viewing slot
  • Get notified when a tentant cancels a viewing
  • Cancel or change any viewing slots that you created earlier
  • Cancel all future viewings when you let or sell
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Potential Tenant

  • Select a viewing at the most convenient time for you
  • Have all your viewings at a glance
  • Viewing reminder to make sure you won't forget
  • One click viewing booking cancellation option
  • Get guided to the exact location of the property
  • Get notified when a property has been sold or let out
  • Get notified when the viewing details have changed
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0 Viewing Bookings...

We're proud to announce that we've set our new target - 1 000 000 viewing bookings by 2020. Thank you for using Viewing Booker.

Viewing Booker is constantly evolving and being improved. If you feel like there is a new feature that should be added, request it here.